The Roman

The Roman

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The Roman isn’t one thing or another, it’s all things at once. Refusing to be constrained by labels it’s more than just a side table or a stool. It’s multi-functional size and design make it a great seat, plant stand or table for a small space. The base is made from super study 3/4 solid steel. The top is a light weight, hollow super strong concrete.

The tops come in two diameters: 12.5” and 22". The bases come in two colors: black and white.

Concrete can be customized in color but in our line we have: black, white, grey, citron, aqua green, powder blue, magenta and lavender. Colored concrete often has some variation in it so that it doesn’t look like a monotonous plastic disk - it has depth and texture while still be solid and super smooth.

All concrete is sealed to protect against stains.

This product is great for indoor or outdoor use.

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