The Manza

The Manza

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This is the pedestal you’ve wanted. It’s everything you need it to be. A side table, a grouped coffee table, a plant stand, a stool; even a pot for a plant if you flip it upside down because it’s hollow and light weight.

Made from cement and recycled styrofoam, the 16” diameter Manza pedestal is light, weighing in at just 35 lbs. The table/stool/pedestal is 18.25” tall before the adjustable plastic feet, so it sits at 18.5 to 19” depending on how much you adjust the feet.

The concrete is sealed to a commercial grade level, so it can take acids for days and water long after it would normally evaporate.

The colors are completely up to you. If it's a color we have in stock, we'll ship immediately. If it's not, then give us a few days. When you order just note what color(s) you want in notes.

I recommend an ombre of two or three colors. The ombres look best with a white black or grey as one of the colors as it helps make your other color(s) pop more.

The height can be shortened, but not increased without having to make a new mold, which would cost about 3-4k. The diameter cannot be changed w/o make a new mold as well.

Download the tear sheet here.

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Light weight concrete pedestal, stool or side table. Grouped together makes for a stunning coffee table.