You spoke, we listened...eventually.

I listen, I really do. It's just that it takes longer than you'd ever imagine to get a simple idea out to market. So please, keep sharing with me what you want to see and sometimes, it'll actually happen. Like it did this week...

For well over a year I've been hearing that our nesting sets would be great if we had
A) A bigger size
B) Three tables in the set.

Well, we did it! The black nesting tables now have 2 new options: a 19" cube and 17" cube nesting set as well as a 19", 17" and 15" cube triple nesting set.

While it is, admittedly, an easier design to add, it is not really that easy from an operations standpoint. Take for example, the far more wide-reaching example of the McDonald's Egg McMuffin. Consumers have lobbied to put the the simple breakfast sandwich on the regular lunch and dinner menu for years. And for most of us, it seemed like a simple problem: they sell well, so just toast a damn english muffin and do whatever non-natural process you do to make an egg. Presto, you have an Egg McMuffin. But it took the corporate behemoth YEARS to do it and that's because when a space is designed to operate at its full capacity, one slight change can mess things up.

Now, anyone who has ever walked inside my studio knows there are places where an efficiency guru could whip us into shape. But the same general idea applies. Finding storage space (because we carry inventory unlike most brands our size), finding budget (to make them in bulk to keep the costs down) and finding a way to get the new goods seen so they sell is really really tough.

Well, we figured out the first two, we made space; we saved money. But now it's key for it to be seen, so that's why I hope you're reading this!

The other call we answered is for a new color. Believe it or not, color is a real pain in the butt. It's not that I can't do a burnt sienna or a fancy purple, it's that they don't sell. Okay, they do, but not like my staples of black, brass and white. The problem is if you want red, you want a specific red. So maybe my oxblood red is just right, or close enough, or maybe what you really wanted was a fire engine red. In that case, you don't buy the table and I'm left carrying inventory. That's why for the most part color is a custom option.

Two years ago we dabbled in blue. It was a trending color at the time and I said, let's do it! We got 5 tables in our 24" frisco coffee table powder coated. Guess what: It flopped. I mean IT FLOPPED. So in a sort of deranged logic, I did it again.

Now we have 3 Gramercy Bedside tables in Steel Blue. At the very least, I can use 2 in my room, so it's not all a loss, just 1. But the thing is. I think you'll like it. In fact, one of my stockists in New York has been asking for one in their showroom, so this steel blue run may not be in inventory long, or I'll just have to make more.

So that's what's new from the inventory updates: We have black nesting options and a steel blue Gramercy table.