Don't Fall For This Design Trap...

It's a new year and a new year means new trends. Yuck.   Yep, you read that right: Yuck. So let me repeat it: Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Now if you're confused, don't be. Sure, my business and livelihood rely on being on and ahead of trend. But some trends are Basic A. F. In fact, if i'm not careful, this website's blog may very quickly become better known as: Ways To Not Be Basic.

For this installment, of the you're better off to just skip it on a design trend forecasts is the Pantone Color of The Year. I'm not saying Pantone is wrong, and I'm not saying their color picking in years past were spot on, but I'm saying 2018's pick of Ultra Violet is just bad. Ultra Violet, or let's call it what it really is: Fancy Purple, is just a headache for designing.

It's not an easy color to do much with as it's too strong / loud. There are definitely loud choices you can make that have design clout, like brass, but, your honor, fancy purple is not brass.

Take for example these instagram posts below from a great designer...

Lisa Adams is one of Los Angele's top designers who specializes in closets. Breaking that down, what I'm saying is, if Lisa is struggling to make it work to my eye; then you and I are going to sink real quick.

Her Instagram account highlighted a few fancy purple closets, and well here's the best of them:

So, okay, it's not bad, but if you remove the herringbone floor, floor to ceiling mirror and ceilings that seem higher than they are due to the recessed lighting... you're left with some purple freaking doors. All the purple is going to really spill over on everything else. 

Now, for Lisa's clients, go for it! Go all in on fancy purple. Her clients can afford to switch it all up and re do their closets to debutante drab or elevated orange, or whatever next year's color will be. But you might not have that time, money or patience to switch all our colors up again in 12 months.

So that's that last post is the high water mark to me. And then there's this, which I think is far far more representative of ultra violet:

If you want to do Ultra Violet, aka, fancy purple, you should know your peers are also accenting with skulls. And unless you are Johnny "captain jack sparrow" Depp, avoid skulls and skull and cross bone patterns; it screams that you're trying to be hard, and good design or style is about making it look like you're not trying.

So, if you are on the fancy purple band wagon, let me know why I'm wrong. I'm all ears. Maybe you're right and this time next year everything on my site will be purple. But until then, the key to this year's color of the year is a word that society has seem to forgotten: Restraint. For Christ sake, restrain yourself. Accent pieces, maybe. But a damn closet? Oh girl....

That may make you ask so what color do I like, other than black, white and brass. Well, stay tuned for the next post. In that we'll break down a hot color of year(s) gone by and how its evolved into what I like and where you can find it.