Hello World

The PCD blog is back and more refined than over. If you were checking our site when we first took a stab at a blog, I apologize. This time we'll do better. This time we'll bit off an amount we can actually chew. This time we are focused.


The PCD blog will serve one specific purpose: To give readers a greater and more in depth knowledge of what they're seeing. I like to call it Instagram+ . While IG is great, let's face it: It's only for scrolling - and if you're a terrible person, trolling. We swipe through hundreds of photos a day, like a few and even less often, comment. Maybe, just maybe, we'll even read what the caption says. That's not necessarily because we don't care, it's because that's the ingrained Instagram culture. We're taking it to the next step.

If you are a fan of what we're doing here on Patrick Cain Designs, or simply think our feed is good enough that you want to learn more; THAT'Swhat this blog is for. We'll give you that additional bit of information on what the photos is showing. Maybe that's info on the products, accessories or location. Maybe that's the story behind the scene. Or maybe that's simply a "what am I looking at" type of information. Whatever that post is, it's the behind the scene's goodies that those who are seriously aesthetically focus crave.

So thanks for coming along and share the love if we are doing something right in your eyes!

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