Setting a simple scene


The bulk of this shot is our White Frisco, but the styling, done by Liz Wang (IG: @ea_wang) could be out of styling on a dime 101, if such a book or course existed. Let's break it down...

A point I am sure we will hit on over-and-over again throughout the life of this black is simplicity. The furniture we make is truly a less-is-more situation. The clean lines and minimalist design of the Frisco series doesn't just like tidiness, it demands it. We make furniture that helps (even forces) you to de-clutter. We make furniture that helps you peal away the layers of excess. We make it simple so you can keep it simple. And the reality is, simple is hard! So, as people living busy, high-tech, my-phone-connects-to-watch-which-connects-to-my-computer-which-connects-to-my-echo lifestyles, let's take all the help we can get in making our lives manageable again. Good design can do just that.

Wang found some of her favorite things that all happened to be in the white hue landscape: Modernica chair, Kinfolk Magazine, and plush rug. Presto a story was born. Her story of a modern, contemporary room where she reads. Where she relaxes. Where nobody is going to bother her until airplane mode is turned off.

In weeks to come we'll have more photos from this photo set and provide you with more information like where to buy the rug, chair and other things. We'll see!