Out of this world cubes

While I didn't make these cubes, I sure wish I did so I could have been a part of this incredible project. 


For those who don't like to read - I get it, don't worry - here's what it is in short: Japanese installation artist, Makoto Azuma, released plants into space within a cube then took some beautiful photos. 

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I often turn to quotes from people I respect to sort out the chaos in my world.

Here's a great one by Leonard Bernstein:

To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.

Ain't that the truth. Buuuuut I'l gladly run around like crazy person making enough time to get your order finished as soon as possible. 

Big Wood

I'm not sure if facts about big trees are just interesting to me because after having worked with so many trees and different species I've found a particular appreciation for these arboreal giants among us, or if it's just plain cool. 

You be the judge: 

The exact location of the world's tallest tree dubbed 'hyperion,' is kept secret to all but a few scientist. It towers over 379 feet and is located somewhere in Northern California. 

As seen in the below photo, it is nature's equivalent of living in Venice and driving a red ferrari, yea, we get it. You're a big F'in deal and we all now see you. Congrats Hyperion. 


We're back!

After a glitch over at themeforest with their Bazar theme, Patrick Cain Designs shut down for two days. After much work, PCD is back and completely redesigned.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons of the new layout. I certainly have things I've made a note of that I hope to change in the upcoming days, weeks and months.